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Funkadelic - 1970 - Funkadelic

Funkadelic - Self Titled Debut

Funkadelic's self-titled 1970 debut is one of the group's best early- to mid-'70s albums. Not only is it laden with great songs — "I'll Bet You" and "I Got aThing..." are obvious highlights — but it retains perhaps a greater sense of classic '60s soul and R&B than any successive George Clinton-affiliated album. Recording for the Detroit-based Westbound label, at the time Funkadelic were in the same boat as psychedelic soul groups such as the Temptations, who had just recorded their landmark Cloud Nine album across town at Motown, and other similar groups. Yet no group had managed to effectively balance big, gnarly rock guitars with crooning, heartfelt soul at this point in time quite like Funkadelic. Clinton's songs are essentially conventional soul songs in the spirit of Motown or Stax — steady
rhythms, dense arrangements, choruses of vocals — but with a loud, overdriven,
fuzzy guitar lurking high in the mix. And when Clinton's songs went into their chaotic moments of jamming, there was no mistaking the Hendrix influence.
Furthermore, Clinton's half-quirky, half-trippy ad libs during "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?" and "What Is Soul" can be mistaken for no one else — they're pure-cut P-Funk. Successive albums portray Funkadelic drifting further toward rock, funk, and eventually disco, especially once Bernie Worrell began playing a larger role in the group. Never again would the band be this attuned to its '60s roots, making self-titled release a revealing and unique record that's certainly not short on significance, clearly marking the crossroads between '60s soul and '70s funk.
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Funkadelic's ground-breaking 1970 debut - remastered from original tapes for the first time in 15 years. Includes everything recorded by the band during the sessions for the first album - the original 7-track album plus 7 bonus tracks from 1969. Includes the radically different single versions of "I'll Bet You" and "Music For Our Mothers", and the non-album B-sides for both those singles - "Music For Our Mother Instrumental" and "Open Your Eyes". Also includes the unreleased Westbound single "Can't Shake It Loose" and "As Good As It Feels", united with this album for the first time. The booklet includes sleeve notes by Funkadelic expert Dean Rudland, giving an in-depth look at the events leading up to the recording of Funkadelic's debut album. Full color reproduction of the original artwork and lots of pictures and contemporary memorabilia. Westbound U.S.
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1. Mommy, What's a Funkadelic? 9:06
2. I'll Bet You 6:13
3. Music For My Mother 5:39
4. I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing 3:56
5. Good Old Music 8:07
6. Qualify and Satisfy 5:17
7. What is Soul 7:44
8. Can't Shake It Loose (1969 Version) 2:31
9. I'll Bet You (1969 Version) 4:13
10. Music For My Mother (1969 Version) 5:20
11. As Good As I Can Feel (1969 Version) 2:34
12. Open Our Eyes (1969 Version) 4:00
13. Quality and Satisfy (45 Version) 3:02
14. Music For My Mother (Instrumental 45 Version)