Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Faraquet - 2000 - The View From This Tower

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The View From This Tower
Recording Date: Feb 2000
Release Date: Nov 2000
Label: Dischord

Math Rock

"Fusing together the musical complication and ingenuity of King Crimson with the ferocity and D.C.-sound of Fugazi, Faraquet have created an album of technical, churning, and passionate frenzies collapsed into melodically pleasing atrophy. After several smaller releases of 7" singles and four songs on a split single with the choppy, quirk-filled Akarso, the band moved to Dischord for the release of their first full-length, The View From This Tower. May be considered one of the best debut releases of 2000." ~AMG


01 Cut Self Not
02 Carefully Planned
03 The Fourth Introduction
04 Song for Friends to Me
05 Conceptual Separation of Self
06 Study Complacency
07 Sea Song
08 The View from this Tower
09 The Missing Piece