Friday, November 23, 2007

Converge - 2001 - Jane Doe

Jane Doe
Release Date: 2001
Label: Equal Vision

Aggressive Punk

"Eschewing any of the then current trends and refusing to rewrite past successes, Jane Doe was one of the darkest, bleakest, most unrelenting and punishing acts of musical emoting ever committed to disc. A 12-step conceptual journey of despair and loss, including a striking and beautifully disturbing 28-page booklet of accompanying art (courtesy of Bannon), Jane Doe took Converge's musical aggression, creativity and penchant for artistic nihilism-as-therapy to unparalleled emotional depths. While unmistakably Converge, Jane Doe's sound reached harsher and more emotionally draining levels of abuse, relenting on, but not entirely abandoning, technical precision to focus on emotional upheavals and an all-or-nothing buffeting.

In a live setting Converge are no less menacing. Having cut their teeth playing with anyone of importance during metallic hardcore's mid-'90s revival, Converge's live show is fraught with flailing equipment and bodies, with kids piled five-deep in a desperate attempt to close on the mic, all the while driven by Bannon and Converge's demonic exorcisms and emotional venting. Having risen over the years from opener to riot-inducing showstopper, Converge has headlined or played virtually every major hardcore/metal fest in North America, embarked upon countless U.S. tours, ventured to Europe, Asia, Japan and Canada." ~EVR

Personnel: Jacob Bannon - vox, all visual art
Kurt Ballou - guitar
Nate Newton - bass
Ben Koller - drums


01 Concubine
02 Fault and Fracture
03 Distance and Meaning
04 Hell To Pay
05 Homewrecker
06 The Broken Vow
07 Bitter and Then Some
08 Heaven In Her Arms
09 Phoenix In Flight
10 Phoenix In Flames
11 Thaw
12 Jane Doe