Friday, November 23, 2007

Caribbean Jazz Project - 2004 - The Gathering

Caribbean Jazz Project
The Gathering
Release Date: June 2004
Label: Concord Jazz


"The Gathering is the Caribbean Jazz Project's third release; principals Dave Samuels and Dave Valentin are joined by Paquito D'Rivera, once a regular with the group, on the lively opener, "Rendezvous," as well as a Latin reworking of Monk's "Bemsha Swing." Oliver Nelson's classic "Stolen Moments" comes in for a moody 7/4 treatment. Pianist Dario Eskanazi, bassist Ruben Rodriguez, and percussionists Dafnis Prieto, Richie Flores, and Robert Quintero provide strong backing for the front-and-center solo exchanges of Samuels and Valentin. The band is consistently melodic and accessible, not just on romantic themes like "Libertad" and "The Path" but also on more adventurous fare like Prieto's "El Guarachero Intrigozo (The Scheming Party Animal)" and the big finish, "Masacoteando (In the Groove)." ~AMG

CJP: Dave Valentin (flute)
Dave Samuels (vibraphone, marimba)
Dario Eskenazi (piano)
Ruben Rodriguez (bass)
Dafnis Prieto (drums, timabales)
Roberto Quintero (congas, percussion)
Richie Flores (congas)
-Paquito D'Rivera (alto saxophone)

THE GATHERING won the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album.


01 Rendezvous
02 Stolen Moments
03 See You In A Minute
04 The Gathering
05 Bemsha Swing
06 Liberated
07 El Guarachero Intrigozo (The Scheming Party Animal)
08 The Path
09 Masacoteando (In The Groove)