Sunday, November 4, 2007

Anubi – 1997 - Kai Pilnaties Akis Uzmerks Mirtis

This isn’t exactly a favorable review, but that’s ok.

“I really should stop choosing the CDs I buy by the country a band comes from because this would prevent me from stuff like ANUBI... ANUBI are from Lithuania and without any doubt they walk along paths no band - or maybe some, but only very few - has ever chosen. "Kai Pilnaties Akis Uzmerks Mirtis" is an evidence why not many have done so and that some paths just should not be followed...
Of course ANUBI sound unique but in this case I don't regard this positively except for the fact that they have tried their best to stand out, for what this Lithuanian band offers us here is really hard to listen to.
From the basic idea of Black Metal a mixture of really most simple and most basic Black Metal and Avantgarde, so to speak abstract and abstruse elements of sound, is built, with sudden changes of rhythms, variable but only partly reasonable vocals, along with a bit of saxophone and piano which is played in an absolutely dissonant, almost random way you just can't listen to.
Only the three calm tracks "Kai Pilnaties Akis Uzmerks Mirtis II", "Ir Saule Neteko Savo Puses Veido" and the folky "Folklorine Daina Apie Mirti" are likeable, in my opinion the rest is too weird. Plus, the fact that the lyrics are written in the band's mother tongue doesn't make it easier, either.” ~ The Metal Observer

01. Savo Kelyje
02. Kai Pilnaties Akis Uþmerks Mirtis
03. Mirtis
04. Kai Pilnaties Akis Uþmerks Mirtis II
05. Gyvenimo Kritimà Dovanosim Krankliui
06. Á Naujà Galybæ
07. Ir Saulë Neteko Savo Pusës Veido
08. Ozirio Adventas
09. Folklorinë Daina Apie Mirtá
10. Ið Tuðtumos Á Akmens Tylà
11. Tarp Akmens Ir Veidrodþio