Tuesday, November 20, 2007

American Football - 1999 - S/T

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American Football
Release Date: Sep 1999
Label: Polyvinyl
Hometown: Chicago

"American Football's first album showcases cleanly picked guitars, intricate drumming, and sincere vocals. The band, made up of Mike Kinsella (Owen, Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc), Steve Holmes and Steve Lamos rooted itself in Champaign, IL and recorded this album at local studio, Private, with Brendan Gamble (Braid, Moon Seven Times). Despite little touring and with only an EP behind them, these nine songs showcased the trio's uncanny songwriting abilities. The album's photos and layout mark the first Polyvinyl design done by Chris Strong, but Kinsella's main strength seems to be in drifting, floating waves of melody, and American Football makes good on this in a pretty impressive way." ~Polyvinyl


01 Never Meant
02 The Summer Ends
03 Honestly?
04 For Sure
05 You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon
06 But the Regrets Are Killing Me
07 I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional
08 Stay Home
09 The One With The Wurlitzer