Saturday, September 15, 2007

Subtle - 2002-2003 - Season EP's

"Over the course of 2002 and 2003 Subtle released their four 'season' EPs (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring). A selection of tracks from these recordings (stated by the band to be the best songs of the EPs) were eventually collated on the compilation album Earthsick. Both of these projects were comprised mostly of homemade recordings and were all released on Doseone's own label, A Purple 100. Earthsick included four untitled, previously unreleased tracks, all of which were completely improvised with no overdubs." ~ Wikipedia

Subtle Tour Dates

2007-09-22 eugene wow hall
2007-09-23 *spokane WA service station
2007-09-24 *missoula MT the badlander
2007-09-26 chicago IL abbey pub
2007-09-27 *detroit MI st. andrews hall
2007-09-28 *cleveland OH grog shop LATE SHOW
2007-09-29 *pittsburgh PA diesel
2007-09-30 *buffalo NY tralf music hall
2007-10-01 *toronto ON opera house
2007-10-03 *boston MA the middleeast
2007-10-04 *boston MA the middleeast
2007-10-05 *brooklyn NY warsaw
2007-10-06 *new york NY irving plaza
2007-10-07 *sayerville NJ starland ballroom
2007-10-08 *philadelphia PA theatre of living arts
2007-10-09 *baltimore MD ottobar
2007-10-10 *washington DC the blackcat
2007-10-12 knoxville TN pilot light
2007-10-13 atlanta GA drunken unicorn
2007-10-15 austin TX emo's
2007-10-17 tucson AZ plush

• supporting minus the bear

"And on October 23rd “Yell&Ice” hits stores…
“yell&ice” … by Subtle
is an inspired collection of remakes, featuring collaborations with Why?, Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade, Tunde Adebimpe of TVOTR, Markus Acher of the Notwist, and Chris Adams of Hood. Like “wishingbone” revisited Subtle’s first LP “a new white”, “yell&ice” explores and reinterprets their critically acclaimed and most recent full-length, “for hero: for fool”.
Both “wishingbone” and “yell&ice” were fashioned to further explore Subtle’s conceptual protagonist, Hour Hero yes, while creating a medium for the band’s love of collaborative music making. Unlike a typical collection of remixes, “yell&ice” utterly reapproaches the lyrics and music of “for hero: for fool”. In order to better suit the pallette and prowess of each respective collaborator, poems were rewritten, sounds resampled, and time signatures unlocked. Then these songbones were sent to our collaborators/confidantes who then rewrote, sang, and sequenced to the tune of their talents.
Since it’s genesis in 2001, Oakland-based sextet Subtle has been home-recording its way to the far side of song. Drawing from a diverse palette of instruments: sampler, synth, guitar, cello, winds, electronic and acoustic drums, and the unmistakable voice and prose of Doseone, the band fashions a self-sampled and live-mic’d honest-to-genreless music.
In support of the forthcoming “yell&ice”, Subtle tours the US this autumn with Minus the Bear. Not to be missed, the band’s live performance parallels and elaborates on the complex and natural lengths of their recorded material. With painted backdrops, stageprops and a whole lot of middleclass mojo, it is in the midst of live performance that Subtle’s works of song complete themselves.
Subtle is currently hard at work in the studio, recording their next full length “ExitingArm” for Lex records. Due out May 2008, it is the third and most adventurous installment yet, in the ever widening epic of Hour Hero Yes…

Subtle is: Adam “Doseone” Drucker… voice and samples
Jeffrey “Jel” Logan…electronic drums
Jordan Dalrymple…drums guitar and voice
Dax Pierson…voice synth and programing
Marton Dowers…winds and keys
Alexander Kort…electric cello" ~ Subtle

also, check out this video from Subtle of the song F.K.O. from the full length record A New White

"F.K.O. is the first part in a trilogy of videos made by animation wizards SSSR; a Norwegian/Japanese animation collective who combine drawings, animated models, cut-up film and 3D computer graphics.

The music is by Subtle and these videos were included on the band's CD/DVD album 'Wishingbone' - Lex Records (LEX030)- a collection of new material, remixes & collaborations with artists such as Beck, Mike Patton and Low

The next two parts in the series can also be found online, including the video for 'Swan Meat' that won best music video at the British Animation Awards 2006.

For more information, please visit:

PS. It is widely believed that the title of this vide 'F.K.O.' stands for 'F**k Kelly Osborne'."