Saturday, September 29, 2007

One Last Wish - 1986

"A document of the beautiful, short-lived urgency of the phenomenon known as One Last Wish. The fleeting and desperate nature of the band's existence emerges in this, their one and only recording, made in the few months they were together in 1986. The sound is like a hybrid of all the elements of their other musical projects — sort of a logical extension of where Rites of Spring's latest material left off, mixed with what Happy Go Licky and Fugazi would later do. Guy's poignant and stirring vocals are as fierce/delicate as ever, and the music is churning, well composed, and compassionate all at once. And yet there's something else to this music — some feeling that is indescribable, something that can only be felt." ~ AMG

Michael Hamptonguitar, vocals
Brendan Cantydrums
Edward Janneyvocals, bass
Guy Picciottovocals, guitar
Released:November 1999


01. Hide
02. Burning in the Undertow
03. Break to Broken
04. Friendship is Far
05. My Better Half
06. Loss Like a Seed
07. Three Unkind Silences
08. Shadow
09. Sleep of the Stage
10. One Last Wish
11. This Time
12. Home is the Place

Recorded November 6th, 7th and 8th 1986at Inner Ear Studios
Engineered byDon Zientara
Produced byIan MacKaye and OLW