Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mike & Rich - 1996 - Expert Knob Twiddlers

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Mike & Rich
June 1996
Expert Knob Twiddlers
Rephlex Records

Ambient Techno

"The two most popular artists to record for Britain's Rephlex label — label-founder Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Michael Paradinas (µ-Ziq) — collaborated in 1996 for Expert Knob Twiddlers. Recalling the great Milton Bradley game boxes of the 1970s and '80s, the cover is a picture of James and Paradinas, in suitable low-res, chop-and-paste photos, playing a variant of Connect Four. Inside, the two techno auteurs' music mesh quite well; Paradinas' liquidy funk distortion smoothes out the calculated, almost sterile, experimentation of Aphex Twin. The style-blending, however, cancels out the particular attractions of both artists, and the listener is left with a somewhat bland album. Fans of Aphex and µ-Ziq will be excited, but newcomers should go elsewhere before they dig this deep. " ~AMG

01 Mr. Frosty
02 Jelly Fish
03 Eggy Toast
04 Reg
05 Vodka
06 Winner Takes All
07 Giant Deflating Football
08 Upright Kangaroo
09 The Sound of Beady Eyes
10 Bu Bu Bu Ba