Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mahavishnu John McLaughlin & Devadip Carlos Santana - 1973 - A Live Supreme

Disc 1
01 Meditation
02 The Life Divine
03 A Love Supreme
04 Afro Blue
05 Introductions
06 Naima

Disc 2
01 Flame Sky
02 Taurian Matador
03 Conga Solo
04 Drum Solo
05 Taurian Matador - Reprise
06 Let Us Go To The House Of The Lord

Spiritual Journey

In 1972 Santana became a huge fan of the pioneering fusion band The Mahavishnu Orchestra and its guitarist John McLaughlin. Aware of Santana's interest in meditation, McLaughlin introduced Santana and Deborah to his guru, Sri Chinmoy. Chinmoy later accepted them as disciples in 1973 and Santana was given the name "Devadip" - meaning "The lamp, light and eye of God." Santana and McLaughlin recorded an album together,"Love, Devotion, Surrender" with members of Santana and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, along with percussionist Don Alias and organist Larry Young, who both had made appearances on Miles Davis' classic Bitches Brew record in 1969.

In 1973 Santana, having obtained legal rights to the band's name, formed a new version of Santana. Armando Peraza and Chepito Areas on percussion, Doug Rauch on bass, Michael Shrieve on drums, with Tom Coster and Richard Kermode on keyboards. Santana was later able to recruit jazz vocalist Leon Thomas for a tour of Japan, which was recorded for a live, sprawling, high energy fusion album "Lotus". CBS records would not allow its release unless the material was condensed. Santana did not agree to those terms and the album was available only as an expensive imported three-record set. The group later went into the studio and recorded "Welcome", which further reflected Santana's interests in jazz fusion and his commitment to the spiritual life of Sri Chinmoy.