Sunday, September 9, 2007

Love, Peace, & Poetry -- Mexican Psychedelic Music

"A nice set of Mexican and psychedelia from the late 60s and early 70s -- and another entry in the Love, Peace & Poetry series of lost global psychedelic rock and pop! This Latin batch of tunes are picked from the years between '68 and '73, and the dates can give you a pretty good idea of the sound; the earlier ones have the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Sandpipers acid ethereal chamber groove, and the later ones have the post Cream crunch. 17 tracks including "Lost In My World" by Dug's Dug, "Hang Out" by The Kaleidoscope, "Roaming" by La Fachada De Piedra, "El Ruido Del Silencio" by El Tarro De Mostaza, "Touch Me" by La Vida, "Joven Amante" by La Libra Expresion, "Behind A Young Girl's Smile" by The Flying Karpets and lots more. Bad cover, strong set of tunes! "

Track listing:
1. Lost in My World
2. Hang Out - Kaleidoscope,
3. Roaming
4. Ruido del Silencio
5. Touch Me
6. Joven Amante
7. Behind a Young Girl Smile
8. En Medio de la Lluvia - La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata,
9. It's You
10. Lenon Blues
11. Tommy Lyz - Toncho Pilatos
12. I'm Dying
13. Train
14. Nada Nos Detendra
15. Cuando Era Nio - Los Ovnis
16. World Is a Bomb
17. Volvere