Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dorothy Ashby - 1968 - Afro-Harping

"The best and most complete album done by jazz harpist (a rare style) Dorothy Ashby. She didn't approach her instrument as if it were a gimmick, and she wasn't content to be a background/mood specialist. She turned the harp into a lead instrument, and offered solos that were as tough and memorable as those done by any reed, brass, or percussion player." ~ AMG

"Before she worked with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire, harpist Dorothy Ashby collaborated with arranger Richard Evans to create this album's lush blend of funk, soul, and jazz. Coveted by archeologists of rare grooves and beats, this impossible-to-find LP makes its first appearance on CD." ~ Verve Music

Recorded February 1968 at Ter-Mar Studios, Chicago
Original recordings produced by Richard Evans


01. Soul Vibrations
02. Games
03. Action Line
04. Lonely Girl
05. Life Has Its Trials
06. Afro-Harping
07. Little Sunflower
08. Valley Of The Dolls (Theme)
09. Come Live With Me
10. The Look Of Love