Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dogs of Ire - 2005 - Sterile Thoughts From a First-World

"10 dynamic tracks erupt from this desert-wasteland-project. “Sterile Thoughts From a First-World” is a 41-minute uncompromising frenetic onslaught and is DOGS OF IRE's most important work to date. This is one temperamental piece of schism that amalgamates rhythmic thrash incursions with scattered reposeful faintness in the tongue of Tagalog and English. “I don't know what to call it,” says Juan Walther, who got suckered - big time - into tuning their pointless drum kit. “Sterile Thoughts From a First-World” communicates issues of political futility, cultural dignity, and spits back at the face of pitiful white-privileged twaddle. Amidst all the serious booty-bumpin, Tim Cosner playfully recreates instruments into witted interludes for delicate ears that wanna hate. If so - stand in line. But bring a lunch babycakes. DOI's drummer is not some cute indie-rocker. He's a cholo on probation." ~ Ethospine Records

01. Listen
02. For the “Savage”
03. Trickledown Diasporas
04. Defunct Pedagogues (The Template Still Stinks)
05. Siempre Para Sa Iyo
06. White Guys Gone Wild
07. Ordinary Neocolonial Confessions
08. Sa Kabila Ng Mapa
09. Maim That Diatonic
10. Hard Right Turns for the Yawning