Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tera Melos - 2006 - Nevada City

"Just one look and you'll see why TERA MELOS leaves fans stunned and wondering how this band is able to play such complex melodies while hanging from the ceiling or cart-wheeling into the unsuspecting front row.

Sacramento's instrumental four-piece fuses elements of jazz and ambient techno with hardcore punk, creating a unique sound that has been described as a head on collision of the melody of Cap'n Jazz with the aggressiveness of Black Flag, combined with an extremely energetic and, often times, borderline dangerous live-show.

Case in point, the band was just voted "Best Stage Presence" by Sacramento's Alive And Kicking (1/2005), which heaped on extra phrase saying "By far, this is fucking the most insane band I have seen since The Yah Mohs at The Hindenburg. You have to stand back or you will get hurt."

While Tera Melos calls Sacramento home, the young band has already run one van into the ground while playing 95% of their 100+ shows on the road. Constantly on tour, and into their 2nd van, the band truly feels at home on the road playing for fans.

The band came together after friends Nick (Guitar), Nate (Bass), and Jeff (Guitar) found themselves getting bored with the hardcore punk they had been playing for most of their lives. Nate and Nick were veterans of Sacramento's legendary NO REGARD (and Nick had filled in for THE HOODS on bass for multiple tours), while Jeff played in the short-lived but highly successful STABBED IN THE THROAT. Jeff then met Vince (Drums) at an improvisational jazz class and asked him to sit in on a session or two. Vince was initially reluctant to join because he "wasn't into playing punk," but a few practices later it was clear that Tera Melos "wasn't really playing punk.” The four found a chemistry which they continue to develop with each performance.

The band spent some time trying out vocalists, but upon failing to find one with the right chemistry, opted to go on without one, making the voice of the band a purely instrumental one. (This was probably a good idea, as a vocalist would be likely to lose their teeth at the receiving end of a cartwheel to the face.)

Tera Melos is all about on-stage energy. Though they do violently thrash around, like a finely tuned Swiss watch barely avoiding dangerous collisions, violence at shows is not acceptable. Neither are drugs (or meat for that matter, as all four members are vegetarian as well). The passion for their music is most important and sometimes in that fury, things get broken and people get…involved. Hundreds of dollars have been spent repairing broken equipment, and guitar-repair has recently been added to the band's list of skills. Audience members are generally safe, though Nick's guitar has cut open people's faces on two separate occasions -- with both victims returning to the shows, smiling from ear to ear, so that they could purchase CDs and T-shirts and pose for pictures showing off their fresh stitches.

TERA MELOS takes great pride in taking care of their fans, they play lots of fun free shows and sell recycled thrift-store shirts with their logo's hand-screened for under six dollars; anything to connect with the people who take their time to be a part of the experience. This has cultivated a growing rabid fan-base in towns around the country, this mutual support and appreciation make the economics work and the band can continue doing what they love.

TERA MELOS' untitled full-length album will be released by Cupertino, CA's Springman Records on October 4th, 2005, and will be followed in the spring with a feature length DVD chronicling the bands recent adventures across the country, as well as the bands past touring and shows with acts like The Locust, Planes Mistaken For Stars, These Arms Are Snakes, Big Business, Oxes, Desert City Soundtrack, Bear Vs. Shark, Bullet Train To Vegas, and more." ~ Spring Man Records

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