Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ras Kass - 1996 - Soul on Ice

"Soul On Ice is the debut album by Ras Kass, released in 1996. Its title is a reference to Panther member, Eldridge Cleaver's 1968 book, Soul on Ice. Soul on Ice was met with critical acclaim, but never reached the commercial success that most had anticipated. With extremely controversial tracks such as "Nature of the Threat" (in which Ras Kass presents his views on history, religion, homosexuality, and other subjects, some proven to date) the album was raved about in the underground hip hop loop. Many saw the subpar production, lack of guest appearances, and the absence of a hit lead single as the reason why this album had such little chart success. Despite all this Soul on Ice established Ras Kass as one of the West Coast's most gifted lyricists, and was by no means a failure." ~ Wikipedia


01 On Earth As It Is... (4:43)
02 Anything Goes (5:49)
03 Marinatin' (4:05)
04 Reelishymn (4:27)
05 Nature Of The Threat (7:43)
06 Etc. (3:12)
07 Sonset (6:00)
08 Drama (3:46)
09 The Evil That Man Do (6:10)
10 If/Then (4:50)
11 Miami Life (4:06)
12 Soul On Ice (3:42)
13 Ordo Abchao (Order Out Of Chaos) (4:30)