Sunday, August 19, 2007

Prefuse 73 - Triple 5 Soul Sessions, Volume 1

Triple 5 Soul Sessions gives the deejays and producers that we respect the chance to break out of public perceptions and give the world a taste of their inner musical selves. In our premier edition, Prefuse 73 digs deeps into his own psyche to bring you a mix of original rarities from the Latino diaspora, as well as some unreleased dubplates of his own.

"This mix is a small sample of what i go home to listen to. More than a traditional 'mixtape,' i prefer to let the introspective side in and share the sounds that i play when i'm cooking dinner, just thinking, or not sitting behind an MPC and various instruments for 12 hours!

The underlying theme is love and anti-war, or at least certain things missing as well the contemplation of the things you love. Far beyond the state of digging for records, this reflects the music that lies between the grooves of the vinyl. I hope you all can listen repeatedly at different hours of the day and meditate on the peace we so much need in this world!"

Compiled by: Guillermo Scott Herren a.k.a. prefuse 73 (among other things)

2004 Triple 5 Soul Limited Promotional Release
24 tracks, no track listing