Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Lydia Lunch

"Omar Rodriguez Lopez has been a fan of Lydia's work since discovering her in the early 90's. When Mars Volta curated All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in december 2005 they invited her. And when Omar and Lydia met, they hit it off very well. The EP is the first of what Omar hopes will be a series of collaborations with Lydia. The music was recorded in Amsterdam and New York and Lydia's vocals were recorded at her own studio in Barcelona. The politics of the record are fairly obvious and Omar feels as though she speaks for both of them in that regard. The EP will be released on both CD and vinyl." ~ Willie Anderson


1. Welcome To My Church
2. Getting Rid Of God
3. Back To The Goddess
4. The End Of The White Man's Revolution
5. Woman (In The Beginning)