Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mustafa Ozkent - 1973 - Genclik Ile Elele

If I was ever gonna use the phrase "forgotten Turkish masterpiece," it's for Mustafa Ozkent's Genclik Ile Elele. This is the type of psych breaks stuff that dudes like Andy Votel flip over (in fact, he wrote the liner notes) and I think once this reissue starts reaching more people, everyone else will be flipping over it too. The (incredibly detailed) liner notes can tell you in better detail, but basically, Ozkent was something of a musical mad scientist, creating instruments to match his vision and then fashioning an entire album chock full of breaks that straddle the line between traditional Turkish music and Western pop influence. I'm a total dummy when it comes to funk and breaks and shit, and I even I know this stuff is useful. Just check out hypnotic tracks like "Dolana(1)" and the organ-trilling "Lorke(2)," or the one-two power punch of "Emmioglu(3)" and "Carsamba(4)." Even stuff like "Uskudar(5)," which begins the album and sounds vaguely like some old cartoon chase music. B-Music is killing right now! 10 tracks; 30 minutes. Recommended.