Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lee “Scratch” Perry - 1970's - Arkology Box Set

"Dub is one of the most influential genres of the twentieth century, and Lee “Scratch” Perry is one of its most famous practitioners. Dub is a style of Jamaican dancehall known for its heavy basslines and echoey studio-effects. Lee Perry’s Arkology, a three-CD boxed set from Island Records, is a good introduction. A huge booklet included with the collection paints a portrait of a man whose life is the stuff of legend. There are plenty of photos of Perry and his famous Black Ark studio. The music, however, speaks for itself. The CDs provide the proper context by including the original versions of songs which Perry made into dubs. Sometimes this can be a bit repetitive, so I suggest random play or some creative CD deck programming. It’s easy for listeners not familiar with Jamaican music (like me) to overlook the full extent of Perry’s innovation, which includes the early use of sampling and echoey studio effects. Most of these tracks were recorded between 1976 and 1979, but Perry was ahead of his time. Despite his limited studio equipment, Perry was a “dub adventurer." ~ Grid Face


Disc 1

1-01 Lee Perry & The Upsetters Dub Revolution (Pt. 1)
1-02 Max Romeo One Step Forward
1-03 Upsetters, The One Step Dub
1-04 Devon Irons Vampire
1-05 Upsetters, The Vamp A Dub
1-06 Heptones, The Sufferers Time
1-07 Upsetters, The Sufferers Dub
1-08 Junior Dread Sufferers Heights
1-09 Congos, The Don't Blame On I
1-10 Meditations, The Much Smarter
1-11 Upsetters, The Much Smarter Dub
1-12 Meditations, The Life Is Not Easy
Producer - Meditations, The
1-13 Upsetters, The Life Is Not Easy Dub
Producer - Meditations, The
1-14 Junior Murvin Tedious
1-15 Max Romeo War In A Babylon
1-16 Upsetters, The Revelation Dub
1-17 Heptones, The Mr. President
Featuring - Jah Lion
1-18 Max Romeo Chase The Devil

Disc 2

2-01 Lee Perry Dreadlocks In Moonlight
2-02 Mikey Dread Dread At The Mantrols
2-03 Errol Walker In These Times
2-04 Upsetters, The In These Times Dub
2-05 Max Romeo Norman
Featuring - Upsetters, The
2-06 Junior Murvin Police & Thieves
2-07 Glen DaCosta Magic Touch
2-08 Jah Lion Soldier & Police War
2-09 Upsetters, The Grumblin' Dub
2-10 Junior Murvin Bad Weed
2-11 Errol Walker John Public
2-12 Errol Walker John Public (Version)
Featuring - Enos Barnes
2-13 Junior Murvin Roots Train
Featuring - Dillinger
2-14 Meditations, The No Peace
2-15 Upsetters, The No Peace Dub
2-16 Raphael Green Rasta Train
Featuring - Dr. Alimantado
2-17 Upsetters, The Party Time (Part 2)

Disc 3

3-01 Augustus Pablo Vibrate On
Featuring - Upsetter, The
3-02 Upsetters, The Vibrator
3-03 Upsetters, The Bird In Hand
3-04 Congos, The Congoman
3-05 Upsetters, The Byon Anasawa
Featuring - Full Experience
3-06 Upsetters, The Rastaman Shuffle
3-07 Heptones, The Why Must I (Version)
3-08 Heptones, The Make Up Your Mind
3-09 Upsetter Review, The Closer Together
Featuring - Junior Murvin
3-10 Keith Rowe (2) Groovy Situation
3-11 Upsetters, The Groovy Dub
3-12 George Faith To Be A Lover (Have Some Mercy)
3-13 Lee Perry Soul Fire
3-14 Lee Perry Curly Locks
3-15 Congos, The Feast Of The Passover
3-16 Lee Perry Roast Fish & Cornbred
3-17 Upsetters, The Corn Fish Dub