Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Laddio Bolocko - 2003 - The Life And Times Of Laddio Bolocko

I got into this band after I heard the drummer (Blake Fleming) had joined The Mars Volta, who were my favourite band at the time, and Blake is a fucking beast. This album documents the entire discography of the noise rock group, which isn't much, but its a fucking rollercoaster ride. Someone sent me the album, and to be honest I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard any noise rock before. I had no knowledge of the genre, apart from that it was noisy. I wa actually kinda apprehensive, but now I know that was unnecessary. I remember putting on Beatrice The Coyote and hearing static and a bog standard beat for 20 seconds, still not knowing what to expect, then all falls silent, and a drum roll brings in a powerhouse drum solo from Blake, leading to the simple sounding yet complicated, immensly powerful beat which drives the song along, which I remember hearing was meant to represent a coyote running. Marcus DeGrazia then enters with gut busting baritone sax which plays a stop-start riff over the beat, and the a drum fill leads everyone to come in and the song absolutely explodes in a flurry of pounding bass (provided by Ben Armstrong), rhythm and sax. Drew St Ivany appears on guitar playing what seems to be just random notes, in the vein of bands such as Big Black and whatnot. Its all pretty well orchestrated though, as I heard Drew replicate the solo exactly in a live bootleg. The song continues in a whirry of solos and sheer intensity and power. This is basically the story of this album. Sheer intensity and fuzziness and drone and electronica and too many things to list. I really don't know what else to say apart from, get this album and listen to it. Theres no other way to describe it. This album turned noise rock into one of my favourite genres, and in turn is probably one of my favourite albums, and Laddio Bolocko are now one of my favourite bands. Highlights include Beatrice The Coyote, The Going Gong (Blake and Marcus simply amaze here), Dangler, Karl (a relaxing post-rock song), As If By Remote (droney and tribal with irregular drums), although the whole frikking album is a highlight in itself. Just listen. You will be impressed, trust me.

Also, if you want, I posted a link a while back to Live 2002 - The Franco Italian Tour
by a band called the Psychic Paramount, which Drew St Ivany and Ben Armstrong formed from the ashes of Laddio Bolocko. They released one of the best live albums I think I have ever heard with this. Think Laddio Bolocko, but more fuzzed out and aggresive. Both are seriously impressive bands, check them both out.