Thursday, August 23, 2007

Koch-Schütz-Studer - 2005 - Tales from 30 Unintentional Nights

"It's vibrant, pulsing stuff, with reedsman Hans Koch and cellist Martin Schütz adding electronics to their usual distinct voices, and Fredy Studer calling up rhythms that evoke everything from a Shinto temple to a reggae tape in a passing car. Tales is no incidental title. Every one of these cuts, dedicated to friends and family, somehow manages to tell a story of the road. It's Schütz who generally establishes the mood, leaving his colleagues to fill in the circumstantial detail. His cello raptly alternates between lyrical passages and episodes of bonesaw intensity.

The music was played "in context with" - it doesn't say whether it was also specifically for - Peter Liechti's movie Hardcore Chambermusic (A Club For 30 Days), a title which imposed the discipline of two sets per night for every day of September 2005. Significantly, most of the cuts seem to have been taken from later in the month, when the group chemistry had reasserted itself and, from what I can hear, raised itself to a new level, crystalline, combustible, hard as Carborundum and often so gentle and evanescent it resembles a luminous plasma.

There's nothing drearier than jumping up and down before midsummer about 'records of the year', particularly when amnesia settles all too easily around such premature nominations. Still, I'll be astonished if this Koch-Schütz-Studer disc doesn't make my shortlist."

1. 9/10 (for Daniel & Jean-Claude)
2. 9/29 (for Walter & Marianne)
3. 9/25 (for Christine)
4. 9/30 (for Beny)
5. 9/28 (for Peter)
6. 9/21 (for Markus & Silvio)
7. 9/26 (for Evelyne)
8. 9/11 (for the <> barteam)
9. 9/23 (for Sonja)

Just thought I'd say that this is some of the most unique and innovative Avant-Guarde jazz I have ever heard, definitely check it out.