Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gaslamp Killer Mix

Aaah, the LA store phenom - the Gaslamp Killer! His previous mix for Sound In Color and his group, MHE, have always killed - get ready for The Gaslamp Killers mixtape. First off, this thing has beats for daaaays!!! Call it downtempo, call it hip hop, I call it dirty-as-hell drum funk. If you love early Mowax drums a la Malcolm Catto or the Stones Throw's "Curse of The Evil Badger" record, you'll absolutely love this. Gaslamp packs sick instrumentals and drum tracks, all beautifully sequenced and mixed, with your occasional hip hop instrumental thrown in for familiarity. Expect heavy beats from Krush, Radiohead, Mowax's "Now Thing" compilation, Dr. Octagon, Peanut Butter Wolf, plus more than 40 ill tracks and breaks too obscure for me to name (trust me - this thing is a whomper!). Plus, it makes a great appetizer to his first Money Studies release on the Secret Hideout EP. Check Lab Radio #12 for an exclusive snippet - the funk is real strong with this one. Over an hour.