Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fela Kuti - 1977 - Zombie

"Fela is important to World Beat both because of his political stance and his amalgamation of African and American styles into one all his own, Afro Beat. It's difficult to pick one album, especially since CellulOid have rereleased so many, but this mid-seventies release seems quite representative and has the advantage of having three tunes on it instead of the rather common long instrumental vamp on one side with the vocal version on the other The music is pulsing and powerful, the familiar horns and percussion driving it along, with a generous dose of Fela's sax and organ. The vocals concern the necessity of not being "a zombie" in today's society, especially Nigeria's less-than-democratic society. The message is driven home with gruff military commands and sweet female backing vocals." ~ Whole Earth

Label: Movieplay Gold
Credits: Arranged By, Composed By, Producer - Fela Anikulapo Kuti


01 Zombie (12:27)
02 Monkey Banana (11:34)
03 Everything Scatter (10:33)
04 Trouble Sleep (12:08)