Sunday, August 19, 2007

David Fiuczynski and John Medeski - 1994 - Lunar Crash

"In a break from Medeski, Martin and Wood, retro keyboardist John Medeski gets co-billing with free-thinking guitarist David Fiuczynski in a freestyle dive into a maelstrom of funk, hip-hop, jazz and rock that grooves all the way down to the last laser pit. Medeski works out on an electronically modified Wurlitzer electric piano and a B-3 organ, playing in a funky, depth-charged, jagged style while Fiuczynski is forever chopping up the lines, streaking around the keyboards, emulating Hendrix or earlier, straighter blues guitarists. Fiuczynski's band, the Screaming Headless Torsos, provides a series of tough grooves as unyielding as its name, and Michelle Johnson's weird vocals on "Pacifica" and "Lillies That Fester..." seem to come right out of a creepy alternative rock station. The musicians these guys have absorbed would fill an encyclopedia — to cite a few possible sources, jungle-band Miles, the first Tony Williams Lifetime, hip-hop, M-Base — yet they manage to convert everything into a zesty, complex yet exuberant mix all their own. If you're of an electric frame of mind, check it out." ~ AMG

Label: Gramavision
Released: 1994
Credits: Backing Vocals - Gloria Tropp , Michelle Johnson
Bass - Fima Ephron
Drums - Gene Lake , Jojo Mayer
Producer - Jim Payne
Submitted by: Escapist


01 Vog (6:40)
02 Pacifica (4:25)
03 Gloria Ascending (6:00)
04 Pineapple (3:56)
05 Quest (6:35)
06 Feelance Brown (6:31)
07 Slow Blues For Fuzzy's Mama (6:50)
08 Lillies That Fester (4:25)
09 122 St. Marks (5:17)
10 Fima's Sunrise (6:08)