Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Damo Suzuki - Live At The Tramway, Glasgow, 25/04/07

Damo Suzuki
25h April 2007



Recorded: Sony ECM 717 to iRiver iHP 140 in PCM Wav mode
PC Transfer: USB
Editing: Cool Edit 2000
FLAC Conversion: FLAC Frontend

Sound Carriers:

Damo Suzuki (Damo Suzuki)
Hamish Black (Guitar)
Sushil K Dade (Bass, Electronics)
Raymond MacDonald (Saxophones)
Bill Wells (Keyboards)
Douglas MacIntyre (Electronic Guitar)
Sace (Drums)

NB: The sound carriers list was taken from Damo's website http://www.damosuzuki.de/
I'm sure there was a second person playing sax/clarinet or other woodwind.

1. Improvisation (38:57)

Damo Suzuki's Never Ending Tour briefly touched base in Glasgow in April '07, as part of the Triptych festival where he was joined by various elder statesmen of Scottish indie and improv music and a young whippersnapper in Hamish Black. This time around was the most Can-esque of his appearances, one long roughly 40 minute piece rather than the (slightly) shorter multiple pieces he's done before.