Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crime In Choir - 2002 - Crime In Choir

Andy Vaughn

"I can't help but think that people use the "ex-members of" thing as a crutch sometimes. Crime In Choir "features founding members of At The Drive-In, Hella, and The Hades Kick." Founding members doesn't really mean that much to me, but it still seems kind of amusing that labels use this kind of stuff to get someone's attention. Maybe it works, maybe not. For me, whenever I see something like this I usually kind of laugh unless its someone that was in the band the whole time. A founding member could mean they played in the band in high school before it even had a name. Who knows...Ê

Crime in Choir use synthesizers, Rhodes piano, Moog, bass and a baritone guitar to create their brand of spacey math rock. Although Ôfounding' members of At The Drive-In are in this group, do not expect Crime in Chior to produce anything of the same sort. This music is intricate and jazzy, and it is also put together in a crafty and original way that isn't often done. Another thing you should not expect from Crime In Choir would be vocals, as the band is 100% instrumental. Some would think that this might work against a band, but after listening many would agree that Crime In Choir would not be the same or as intriguing with a vocalist. This is a great instrumental group, and much like with an improvised jazz group a vocalist added into the mixture would probably throw everything out of the perfect balance that it is now in.Ê

Comparisons that one may draw from elements of this experimental group may include Sonic Youth, Rainer Maria, Mates of States, Radiohead, New Order, the Faint or a disparaging list of others. Crime In Choir are not rooted in electronics, as some of their peers are, which in my opinion works especially well for them - considering that it does not seem like they are biting anyone else's style. Crime In Choir come across as a very intriguing and original sounding group, something that most bands today cannot claim.Ê

Crime In Choir debuts with just a six song EP, but the release is thirty minutes long, outlasting a lot of full lengths but still leaving me very interested in what they may have in store for the future. With this multi-dimensional style of music they have huge crossover potential with many different crowds."

This review really does not do this band justice, they are amazing. Really the only thing you can do is listen to this, and hope that I find the next two albums which are infinitely better.

1. A Girl Named Jesus
2. Pictures In The Dictionary
3. Come Here, Raider
4. Fleece On Fire
5. Worldwide CB
6. Cincinnati