Tuesday, August 21, 2007

City of Caterpillar - 2002 - City of Caterpillar

"With a residue of dissonance, intermingling melody and vibe, the City of Caterpillar waits in your house, in a room you never knew existed. Running through this album is an element you cannot quite touch; you listen to the music as it seeps over the edges of the room and burrows into your head, rewiring, growing more each time. This three-piece ensemble shows that a sum can be greater than its parts. The band's moody, sometimes spastic, sometimes brooding breed of dark rock is both well-written and timeless — spacy expressionism and straight-to-the-heart honesty. The City of Caterpillar's songs typically span periods of six-plus minutes, taking time to relay and warp themselves, changing moods within a context while never falling into a rut. Albums of this breed only come along a few times in a genre." ~ AMG


A1 And You're Wondering How A Top Floor Could Replace Heaven (8:33)
A2 A Heart Filled Reaction To Dissatisfaction (2:36)
A3 Minute-Hour-Day-Week-Month-Year- (The Faith's In My Chest) (9:17)
B1 Fucking Hero (3:51)
B2 When Was The Last Time We Painted Over The Blood On The Walls (4:37)
B3 A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways (9:39)
B4 Maybe They'll Gnaw Right Through (5:36)