Monday, August 27, 2007

Bill Laswell's Material feat. Pharoah Sanders - 2002 - Frankfurt, Germany

Session 18, 25.10.2002, Frankfurt, Germany, 33th Jazzfest

Material feat. Pharoah Sanders

Pharoah Sanders ts
Lili Haydn vln, voice
Amina Claudine Myers org
Bill Laswell b
Hamid Drake dr
Aiyb Dieng perc
Karsh Kale tablas, perc

1.Announcement 2:21
2.Black Lotus (B.Laswell) 12:40
3.unidentified 7:16
4.The Longing (L.Haydn) (based on Adagio by T.Albinoni) 6:40
5.Introduction of Pharoah 0:25
6.unknown title 14:38
7.unknown title 3:14
8.Mantra (Caroline-Shankar-Laswell) 17:23
9.Improvisation with the motives of Creator (Sanders) + closing announcement 15:24

*Note: This is the same set but with the tracks split differently.