Monday, August 6, 2007

Bad Brains - 1980 - The Omega Sessions

H.R. - vocals
Dr. Know - guitar
Darryl Jennifer - bass
Earl Hudson - drums

01. "I Against I"
02. "Stay Close To Me"
03. "I Luv I Jah"
04. "At The Movies"
05. "Attitude"

"When Bad Brains hit the music world in the late 70's/early 80's, nobody knew what hit them. Searing punk riffs, grooved out dub and reggae along with technical vertiousity and soul that seperated them from most punk based bands of the 80's and onward. Songs like "Stay Close To Me" showed how well the band could change the dyanmics of a song, leaving moments of clarity and beauty to moments of aggrresion and raw heavy riffs and sinister snake like rhythms. Bad Brains is a unit of musicians who are trully uncompromising to their creative natural forces. There is always a very personal and honest vibe that Bad Brains carries to their music and this album shows how well that foundation was built from the beginning. There will never be another band like Bad Brains. A very short E.P. but that's the beauty of this album, I always go back for seconds and thirds when listening. Dr. Know never dissapoints, especially his guitar work on the songs "I Against I" and "At The Movies". The band settles down a bit on "I Luv I Jah". Reggae is always a treat in the punk world, and Bad Brains knew how to bring it. The song has an incredible break down with a bass solo, anybody who has seen them live or live footage knows the capabilities of this bass player, so it's really nice to hear a spot where the bass gets to go off. These are amongst Bad Brains earliest demos as a band. It is apparent that these demos represent a band who had soaked up the energy of everything before them and was paving the way for what we know as punk rock and hardcore music. This is a beatiful start into the world of Bad Brains if you have never ventured that way." ~ Erik Otis