Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Astor Piazolla - 1992 - Tango: Zero Hour

This is one of those albums, along with Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, Keith Jarrett's The Koln Concert, and not too many others, that is so great the reviewer sees it as an almost impossible task to do it justice in a few paragraphs. Because of this, I'm not even going to try; others have already done a better job at this than I could hope to achieve, and yet even they have failed. Suffice to say that the level of band communication and spirit on this recording is so great, with lofty crags of emotion so striking, that nearly everybody that encounters it accolades it with "instant classic" status upon the very first listen. When measuring the quality of different artistic achievements, there comes a point when it is so high that comparisons become almost totally meaningless - who's to say if Beethoven, Brahms, or Bartok is the greatest? This is one of those cases, where all you can do is listen and be astounded.