Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Albatross - 2002 - Eat Lightning Shit Thunder

Scott Smallin

"Before you read this review, let me give you fair warning: I am going to be a little biased on this one ladies and gentlemen since I think these guys are amazing musicians and people. Though this "re- issue" was just recently released, the L.P. I bought when I first saw an albatross a few years ago remains one of my all-time favorite records in my collection.

Musically, these guys, and the newly added lady, take the whole grind meets keyboards meets a car crash genre to the next level. Imagine combining the sound of a wreck with its quick and joltnig noises, squeals, ker-throps and sudden silence with an awaking car alarm and mixing in a dash of hot sex appeal with some tinges of a hot bubble bath. Take all that stuff, throw it in a bag, shake it up and let it out at the circus with a young Iggy Pop as the ringmaster. Blam! You got yourself an albatross. The band is an eclectic array of fast changes, offbeat grind riffs and a circus act that will leave you absolutely breathless. With unbelievable live performances that even that even haters of their music would have to commend, an albatross has amassed a huge cult following by touring with the likes of Dillenger Escape Plan, Lightning Bolt, Cinema Eye, The Faux and many more bands.

Fans of any kind of hardcore, electronica, emo, or whatever category people dream up should purchase this album. I promise without any hyperbole that it is one of the best records to come out in this decade. After you listen to the album, catch an albatross live and you will be left in a star struck frenzy with your arms in the air and your leg shaking like a dog getting its chest scratched."

1. Intro
2. Pennsylvania Inferno
3. Mother's day came a little early this year
4. You can't take the hot-rod with you
5. Channel 96
6. Uncle Funky Pants
7. Electric Suits and Cowboy Boots
8. I Live the Good Life
9. The Man-Eating Pigs of Madidi
10. The Great Sarcophagus
11. Kluver-Bucy noct in Bb