Friday, July 27, 2007

White Heaven - Out

In 1991, the Japanese psychedelic powerhouse White Heaven finally released its first (and as it turned out, only) full length album. Though the members of this band played together since 1980 under a large number of different names, frequent changes of lineup and quite probably a lack of funds prevented much documentation of their music, which is best described as highly energetic, raw, noisy, occasionally beautiful and always thoughtful psyche garage. Guitar legend Michio Kurihara is in full force here, and sounds like a category 5 hurricane on "Blind Promise" and "My Cold Dimention"; elsewhere he calms down, glimpsing his more serene side many years before it would become a very prominent aspect of his music (hear "Dull Hands" and "Fallin' Stars End"). The original LP is become a collector's object limited to 500 copies, but the album has enjoyed a reissue on Modern Music (P.S.F. Records).

On Out White Heaven are:
You Ishihara - vocals, guitar
Michio Kurihara - lead guitar
Ken Ishihara - drums
Naohiro Yoshimoto - bass

1. Blind Promise
2. Dull Hands
3. Fallin' Stars End
4. My Cold Dimention
5. Mandrax Town
6. Out

All songs written by You Ishihara except 2, 5 by You Ishihara/Tatsuya Sakamoto
Arranged by White Heaven
Produced by Taishi Takizawa & White Heaven
Engineer: Masanori Ihara, Takeshi Yoshida
Recorded at Studio J