Sunday, July 29, 2007

A.D.D. Trio - Instinct

Steve Arguelles ~ drumkit
Robert Dick ~ flutes
Christy Doran ~ electric guitar

Every moment of this compact disc strikes my ear as a transcendentally perfect realization of the human creative potential.

To have these moments follow each other in temporal sequence is half of the explanation. The prospect of analysis is intimidating.

Let me briefly state here that among the many thousands of albums I've heard in my life, covering virtually every known genre in the history of recorded music, I do not have to hesitate for a single millisecond in identifying one as the pinnacle of my personal music listening experience. That album is Instinct by the A.D.D. Trio. Chances are you haven't heard it. It seems like very few have, even among the circles of people who should own and revere it. This makes me very sad. Am I the only person in the world who feels this way?

The obscurity of this album is especially bizarre considering that all three of these guys are famous in contemporary music and have released vast numbers of albums on various high-profile labels. To me it's as if there were millions of Beatles fans, but for some reason Revolver was released on a tiny folk label with poor marketing and distribution that eventually went out of business and only a few hundred hardcore fans and collectors know about it. And of course even the greatest albums rarely convince people on the first or second listen, so maybe some folks heard Revolver once and thought "hmm, well, it's okay I guess, kinda different" but then somehow totally forgot about it and never bothered to look into the matter again. Bizarre? Unlikely? Yes, that's how I feel about the A.D.D. Trio situation. It's just that earth-shatteringly good. ~Michael Anton Parker,

1 Instinct 9:17
2 ReDug Me Not 6:17
3 Steam 4:06
4 Cerulean Blues 4:25
5 Twists and Turns 5:51
6 Way Up There 5:40
7 Magmas 5:28
8 All the Time, Anyway 10:00
9 Next 4:23