Monday, July 30, 2007

Sakamoto Hiromichi - Zero-Shiki

"Sakamoto Hiromiti (b. 1962, Hiroshima, Japan) is a cellist who plays not only the cello, but also performs using voices, musical saws, among other things. In order to pursue and broaden the possibilities of the cello, he dares to use various effects, bumping and thumping, scrubbing, and goes so far as to use an electric drill or a grinder, producing sparks. His radical yet lyrical performance are indeed an experience. Besides performing solo improvisations, he collaborates with many other musician as well as people from other genres of art, such as movie, theater, the fine art, photography, butoh, and street performance. His activities are eclectic, crossing over other boundaries. 1999, his solo works CD "zero-shiki" has been released. The musicians he played together at the past ,Umezu Kazutoki, Otomo Yoshihide,Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Yokogawa Tadahiko, Haco, Samm Bennett, "CICALA-MVTA", Lars Hollmer(from Sweden), "32 JANVIE"(from Lyon), PUSSE(from Paris), and many others."

- liner notes

1. Ultima Tsukiuo (The Moonfish)
2. Steam Walker
3. The Velocity of a Rose
4. Signs...
5. Tracks of My Dreams
6. Playing Shadow Tag
7. Utsusemi (Empty Shell of Cicada)
8. The Kaiba Dances (Ammon's horn)
9. Wuthering Heights/Zero Style
10. Haff A Summer Has Been Delivered
11. Dogas, A Revised Virsion
12. The Butterflies, The Bones, And The Rainbow