Thursday, July 26, 2007

Golden - Golden and Rhythm Beat-Jazz EP 12"

This two-song, 20 minute instrumental EP finds Golden deeply immersed in an exploration of the Afro-pop, rhythm-beat world (ie, contemporaries of Fela Kuti). Here Golden tone down the heavy guitar riffs featured in the Super Golden Original Movement LP/CD and focus their concentration on building and sustaining a complicated and thrilling rhythmic scheme. These two songs were recorded at the Trans Am recording studio onto 8-track and feature Fred Erskine (from June Of '44/The Boom) on trumpet, Carlo Cennamo (from The Boom/The Sorts) on alto-sax and Josh LaRue (from The Sorts) on trombone.

Golden and Rhythm-Beat Jazz is a musical collective under the direction of the following individuals: Phil Manley from Trans Am, Alex Minoff from Six Finger Satellite, Jon Theodore who spends time with the Royal Trux, and Ian Eagleson who simply plays the role of his own bad self.

Label: Slowdime
Format: 12" 45 rpm
Year: 1999

Rhythm Beat-Jazz is:
Carlo Cennamo--Alto Saxophone
Fred Erskine--Trumpet
Josh Larue--Trombone
Golden is:
Ian Eagleson
Philip Manley
Alex Minoff
Jon Theodore


1. Songhai Suprise
2. Shatzie Hatari