Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brainiac - 1994 - Bonsai Superstar

Bonsai Superstar
Release Date: Nov 1994
Recording Date: N/A
Label: Grass

Experimental Rock

"Well after the death of new wave, Brainiac formed in 1992 with a sound that perfectly epitomized the uptight, herky-jerky tension of the early-'80s movement, as well as its warped sense of song structure and electronic breakdown. The band came together in Dayton, OH, originally the basement experiments of vocalist/keyboard player Tim Taylor and bassist Juan Monasterio. During 1994, Brainiac replaced Bodine with guitarist John Schmersal and released their second album, Bonsai Superstar. After a tour on Lollapalooza's second stage, a performance in Chicago impressed the indie label heavyweight Touch & Go, which signed the band and issued their third album, Hissing Prigs in Static Couture, in early 1996.

Over the course of 1996-1997, their profile had grown, and there were rumors that major labels like DreamWorks were interested in signing them after the new album was completed. As the group was recording during the summer, Tim Taylor was tragically killed in a one-car accident, driving home from the studio." ~AMG


01 Hot Metal Doberman's
02 Hands of the Genius
03 Fucking With the Altimiter
04 Radio Apeshot
05 Transmissions After Zero
06 Juicy (On a Cadillac)
07 Flypaper
08 Sexual Frustration
09 To the Baby-Counter
10 You Wrecked My Hair
11 Meathook Manicure
12 Status: Choke
13 Collide